Jimmy The Bartender Action Packed Espionage Thriller (1/3) by Jeff Dejent

Jimmy The Bartender Action Packed Espionage Thriller (1/3)

By Jeff Dejent

  • Release Date: 2015-01-15
  • Genre: Crime & Thrillers
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Jimmy The Bartender Spies & Politics Thriller (1/3)
Keywords: Fiction, Thriller & suspense, Spies & espionage

Jimmy the Bartender, opens at the funeral for Giuseppe Baldigiani, aka, 'Jimmy the Bartender'. Candy Gotella and her boyfriend Lonny, make an appearance at the front doors of the Noviziato Funeral Home under the watchful eyes of a DEA surveillance team. Derek Peters, formerly Dominick Piacoli, turns them away. He explains the entire Mustalaro crime family holds her brothers, Bobby and Phil responsible for Jimmy's death. While Candy Gotella blushes in shame, Chuck Burke, a Special Agent in the Drug Enforcement Administration schemes. Chuck needs a scapegoat. One of his agents is dead, another man out on permanent disability. How better to handle the situation than to pin the blame on Andy Howell, an Action Officer in the Central Intelligence Agency?

In Bogota, Alberto Enrique Nayari and his super model wife Angelina struggle with the hurt and shame of the violent deaths of their two wayward sons- Theodore and Francesco. While they cope, Ali Leon, the sole survivor of the Ricky Sinaloa drug gang, makes good his escape from prison out the back doors of a hospital. Nick Castelli was a 'go to' person in the Mustalaro crime family during the 1980's but now finds himself pushed off to the side by much younger men. What is he to do? Nick and Lonny break into an evidence locker. They recover the cash and the cocaine from the drug deal that cost Jimmy the Bartender his life. Next, the two men lay plans to journey to Bogota, intent on avenging Jimmy's death.

Don Alberto Nayari decides to run for public office. He thinks he can win the senate seat in the Cundinamarca District, the 'Condor's Nest' of Columbia. While he maps out a campaign strategy the Sixty Minutes news team steps gingerly onto the scene. Steve Crofts speaks with Chuck Burke and Ali Leon. Ed Bradley journeys to South America where he interviews the Don and Dona Nayari at their family estate in Bogota.
Then following Ed speaks with a forensic pathologist. Although the death certificates issued on the Don and Dona's sons in the United States- Theodore and Francesco, read- 'Legal Homicide', the Pathologist in Bogota thinks otherwise. He argues the evidence into a planned assassination. Killings brought about by the Central Intelligence Agency, as a prelude to the execution of Don Alberto Enrique Nayari.

Andy Rooney has the last word. He sides with the men in the Central Intelligence Agency. Andy's observation, the White House issued a directive forbidding assassinations all the way back in 1981. EXECUTIVE ORDER 12333 “Prohibition on assassination. No person employed by or acting on behalf of the United States government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, assassination.” By Jeff Dejent in association with Dynamic Entry Productions, LLC

Keywords: Fiction, Thriller & suspense, Spies & espionage